New York Fashion Week SS 2015 // Part 1


In September 2014, I did something I never thought I'd be able to (but always hoped would happen). I visited New York City during fashion week — on a spur of the moment decision a couple weeks before. I couldn't have done it without Chelsie Birks, who was doing makeup for some of the shows. She was so incredibly generous and let me room with her while I was in town!

I went with the sole intention of shooting street style, which I had been wanting to do for the longest time. I knew I wasn't going to see any of the shows, but getting to shoot real people without feeling weird about it was amazing.

One night, Chelsie and I literally got rained into The Smith (no available taxis in sight) and I'm glad we did. We met up with Kathleen Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied and Nikki Minton of My Style Diaries and talked about all things blogging and how to get into shows. ;)

I spent most of the next afternoon walking around Lincoln Center getting as many shots as I could of people heading to the shows and people who came there just to get photographed. I didn't realize just how many people did that, but it made for an interesting day!

Megan_Weaver_04aMegan_Weaver_05aMegan_Weaver_06aMegan_Weaver_07aMegan_Weaver_08aMegan_Weaver_09aMegan_Weaver_10aMegan_Weaver_11aMegan_Weaver_12aMegan_Weaver_32aMegan_Weaver_15aMegan_Weaver_13aMegan_Weaver_14aMegan_Weaver_02aMegan_Weaver_16aMegan_Weaver_17aMegan_Weaver_18aMegan_Weaver_19aMegan_Weaver_20aMegan_Weaver_21aMegan_Weaver_22aMegan_Weaver_34aMegan_Weaver_23aMegan_Weaver_25aMegan_Weaver_26aMegan_Weaver_27aMegan_Weaver_28aMegan_Weaver_29aMegan_Weaver_30aMegan_Weaver_31aMegan_Weaver_33aMegan_Weaver_35aMegan_Weaver_36aMegan_Weaver_37aMegan_Weaver_38aMegan_Weaver_39aMegan_Weaver_40aMegan_Weaver_41aMegan_Weaver_42aMegan_Weaver_43aMegan_Weaver_44aMegan_Weaver_45aMegan_Weaver_56aMegan_Weaver_47aMegan_Weaver_48aMegan_Weaver_49aMegan_Weaver_50aMegan_Weaver_51aMegan_Weaver_52aMegan_Weaver_53aMegan_Weaver_54aMegan_Weaver_55aMegan_Weaver_46aPart 2 of my time shooting street style is coming next week!

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