6 Ways to Improve Your About Page


Improve your "About" Page on your blog with these 6 tips! So I want to let you in on a little fact about me: I'm not the biggest fan of having my picture taken. I usually tense up, imagine that my face will look allll sorts of awkward and then try to speed the process along so I'm the one holding the camera. (I mean, that makes sense, right?!)

And while I likely wouldn't use those awkward images of me regularly on my blog, I do make a point to share images of myself on this blog — especially on my "About" page.

If you're anything like me, one of the first pages you visit when you find a new blog or website is the About page.


We want to know who we're connecting with and what they're like. We want a look behind the scenes and into the person's life we'll be reading about or learning from.  We want to put a face to a name.

Photo by Kelsey Lemmons 

I strongly believe having images of you on your blog — specifically on your about page — will allow your readers to connect with you much quicker than if there are no images of your beautiful face anywhere.

In fact, I know it will.
You can put hundreds of words on your About page and tell people who you are and what you do, but if you want to appeal to the emotional side of your readers, create common ground with them and make your audience feel more comfortable, sharing pictures of yourself will go a long way in creating that connection.
This is especially important if, for the camera shy like myself, you're not a blogger or entrepreneur who is always sharing pictures of your outfits or lifestyle photos.

Here are six things you can do to improve your About page: 

  1. Add a picture of yourself, and make sure it's recent. Try to avoid using a picture that was taken five years ago (or even 2-3 years ago). I don't doubt you looked amazing back then, but it can be a disconnect for your readers if they see an older picture of you on your blog and much more recent versions of you elsewhere online. The most important thing is that you include one.
  2. Keep emotion in mind. Be cognizant of the emotion you're showing in the picture since it will affect your readers perception of you. You've probably heard that people react to non-verbal clues from your face, so you want your face to match the emotion you're trying to inspire in your readers. Want them to walk away feeling happy and inspired? Smile or laugh!
  3. Tell your readers how you can help them. It may be counterintuitive to assume that an About You page isn't all about you. It should also be a place where you let your readers know how you can help them — and what they can expect from you if they continue to read your blog.
  4. Be you. Be human. Show me who you really are. You can do this by taking your About page picture in a place that specifically relates to your blog or business (flower shop, gym, on your couch with your cat), or it can be as simple as a genuine smile.
  5. Tell me your name! You'd think this was a given, but I've visited sooooo many About pages where they don't even tell me what their name is. Not even a first name. Please go add your name right now if it's not already there. If I'm on your blog or website, I want to know who it is I'm reading about. What if I want to connect with you on other places online or follow you on Instagram? I've got no name to go on and so the chances of me wanting to continue an online relationship with you are that much harder.
  6. Bonus! Make a video. I've included a video on my about page that's a combination of behind the scenes of my business, shooting with bloggers and the reason I'm a photographer. I've heard from readers that it was an inspiration for them, which is exactly what I was hoping for! I love encouraging people to do what they love and the video made it possible for me to connect and encourage them on a deeper level. Doesn't have to be anything fancy — just whip out your phone and tell me about yourself and your blog or business.

I want to challenge you to do one of these things today. Just one. Add your name. Plan a shoot. Shoot a 30-second video, or find a picture you already have that shows us who you are and add it to your About page...

If one of your goals is to plan a shoot but you've been putting it off because you don't feel like you're ready, here's a little secret: you'll never feel ready, so start now. Your blog and About page will thank you. (And your readers will, too.) You can find out more about shooting with me and book a shoot below.


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