7 Ways to Be More Photogenic // Dallas Blogger Marisa Howard of Marhow


Being able to take a good photo has so much more to do with confidence than anything else. But in case you need a hand, click here for 7 ways to be more photogenic in your blog shoots! I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the most photogenic person. I'm a little camera shy at times (except when I was younger and ruined every other family photo by making the weirdest faces) and am slightly envious of people who are more photogenic.


Thankfully, there are ways to become more confident and happy with how you look in pictures! Here are a few things  you can keep in mind on your next shoot!

  1. Your smile — a real smile will always look better than a forced one. Try thinking of something funny or fake laugh to help create a real smile.
  2. Are you prone to blinking if it's a little too bright outside or if you're facing the sun? Try closing your eyes and having the photographer count to three before you open then. This way, you can avoid squinting and/or blinking.
  3. If you're worried about having a double chin, you can do a few simple things: elongate your neck and push your face slightly forward. Practice sticking your forehead out and bringing your chin slightly down. You may feel a little awkward doing it but you'll look great.
  4. If you're nervous, you may feel a little tense in your face or mouth. Try opening your lips slightly and breathe out of your mouth — it will help soften your chin and mouth.
  5. Think about the angle you are to the camera. Instead of facing the camera straight on, try turning your head slightly away from the camera to give your features more depth. If you already know what side of your face is more photogenic, try to face that direction more often.
  6. There's an easy go-to pose if you're ever not sure what to do: put your hand on your hip, angle your body 45 degrees to one side and turn your head back to the camera.
  7. Try holding accessories or carrying a purse if you're not sure what to do with your hands. It can help you relax while you're shooting and make your shoot look more lifestyle.

And now I'd love to share this shoot with Marisa Howard. Marisa is a lifestyle blogger at Marhow and blogs about yoga, style and the progress of her new house!

We met at the Winspear Opera House (along with Andrea Overturf — excited to share that shoot too!) and I really enjoyed getting to shoot with her!


Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


P.S. I only have a couple spots left for the month of November and December is filling up!

If you'd like to schedule an outfit shoot OR if you're needing any images for your business or website, I'd love to collaborate with you! You can find out more about style shoots here or contact me at hello(at)meganmuellerblog(dot)com.