Italian Girl Editorial

The summer I graduated high school, I visited Paris with my French club and bought my very first Vogue on the Champs Élysée. I poured over it cover to cover. It was my first taste of fashion and editorial photography and I was in love. From then on, I began collecting Vogues from anywhere I could find them and soon collages of mod-podged models were plastered on my walls and torn up Vogues lay in stacks on my carpet. I couldn't help but surround myself with inspiration and beauty.

I knew I wanted to capture that same type of beauty, emotion and inspiration myself.

For years I waited and waited, planned and got scared. I finally decided the worst thing that could happen was that I'd freeze up while shooting and not get any images I was proud of...and then I realized I was being absolutely ridiculous.

Life is for making mistakes, having fun and doing what you love.

After having lived in Italy for a summer and visiting Italy on our honeymoon last year, I knew I wanted to have an Italian themed shoot. I loved the beauty, history and richness of the country and people...and even more so their gelato. ;)

I envisioned a (very chic) Italian Girl in a train station after her week-long vacation in Florence, waiting to head home to her Roman apartment with the flower-filled balcony overlooking Piazza Navona. (And then I got super jealous of her living situation.)

I'm excited to finally share this shoot with you and hope that you're also spending your life doing what you love...


And here's where I hand off my abilities in still my husband who captured all the behind the scenes of the day. It's incredible, if I do say so myself :)


Here are the amazing people I have to thank for making this day happen: 


Katie Randle - Model, Dragonfly Agency

Kelli Holdridge - Model, Dragonfly Agency

Lauren Murphy - Stylist

Caitlin Ripp - Makeup

Bridgett Harrison - Hair & Makeup

Mark Weaver - Videographer