3 Ways to Capture the Best Angles on Your Blog Shoots


Capturing the right angles in your blog shoots can make all the difference in your photos. Here are 3 tips to get the angles you want for your blog. I was talking with a style blogger a few months ago and she said the one thing she wishes her boyfriend would capture better on their shoots is the right angles.

Shooting with your blogger friends or partner can be hard if you prefer certain angles but they aren't capturing the images you're wanting.

I want you to know this is totally normal — especially if they're not an experienced photographer (yet).

The good news is if you know what types of images you want and can communicate that before your shoot, you'll be so much closer to getting the images you want.

Here are a three ways you can work with your photographer to get the angles you want:

Would you rather look taller or smaller?

If you would rather look taller than you actually are, have your photographer shoot at waist level or lower. The lower they shoot, the taller and more elongated you will appear. This also typically creates a more dramatic image. This was my preferred way of shooting at NYFW and I loved it!

Megan_Weaver_dallas_blogger_photographerTara Gibson of Jimmy Choos & Tennis ShoesMegan_Weaver_dallas_blogger_photographer

If you would rather look smaller, have your photographer shoot at your eye level or slightly above. Shooting at a higher angle can also have a slimming affect on your face and body if that's your preference.

Megan_Weaver_dallas_blogger_photographerBrooke Webb of KBstyled


Create a shot list before you shoot together

You probably know what angles you like best when it comes to your face and body. Let your photographer know so you both have that in mind while you're shooting. It can sometimes be hard to communicate what types of images you want, so you can also create an album of images for them to replicate in your own style. I like to create albums on my phone for certain shoots as inspiration, or create a list on my phone to easily access while we're shooting!




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Erin Hewitt Busbee of BusbeeStyle

I would create a list of wide shots to set the scene for your shoot, closer full body shots and details depending on what you want to highlight.


Amanda Bell of Sophisticated Poser

Once you start shooting, don't be afraid to check the images periodically on their camera and see if there's anything you want to refine and change as you shoot. It's better to find out while you're shooting that something isn't working so you can adjust the angles or composition.


Decide what you don't want in your photos

Whenever I shoot, I try to be very aware of what's in the background — is there a bright stop sign, construction or something that wouldn't add to the photo?

Sometimes it's not possible (especially in NYC!) to avoid distractions but I'll try to adjust the angle I'm shooting to avoid distractions.

This is something you and your photographer can do anytime you move to a new location. Either that or you can spend a lot of time in Photoshop removing it!


I think the key to getting great images is communicating with your photographer about what you're envisioning for your photos.

Don't worry if your images aren't perfect the first time — the more you shoot, the more comfortable you'll get working together and clarifying your style.

Is there anything you struggle with when it comes to getting the right angles during your shoot? If so, hit "reply" to this email and let me know!

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