How to Add More Heart into Your Shoots // Dallas Blogger Lee Cordon of Do Say Give


Your readers want to connect with you! Add a personal touch to your shoots and blog posts to draw your readers in — and keep them coming back for more. Happy 2015!

I hope you had a relaxing and wonderful Christmas and New Years. My husband and I were able to spend time with both our families which is as good as it gets. :)

I'm excited to finally share this shoot with Dallas blogger Lee Cordon. Lee blogs at Do Say Give and shares extremely helpful advice on gift ideas, etiquette and how to do, say and give more graciously.

She's one of the sweetest people and I'm impressed with how she's making people's lives better through her blog.


We met for our first shoot on a summer evening in the Bishop Arts District. I loved seeing all Lee’s gift ideas and was amazed with how thoughtful they were.
On our next shoot, one of her recommended gifts was a beautiful wall calendar. I remember wanting to snatch it for myself and hang it on my wall immediately!
Long story short, I ended up getting two gifts Lee has suggested on her blog since we’ve started shooting: the wall calendar and a 2015 weekly planner, which is saving me from accumulating piles of post-it notes like I used to!
I also took advice from another post that immediately made my day better and much less stressful (hello free advice)!
Both of her recommendations have already helped me stay more organized, plan further into the future than normal and have a little more sanity. ;)
What’s my point?
Lee puts heart into her shoots because she’s thinking about her readers and how their lives can be better.
Regardless of what type of blogger you are, you can always offer more value to your readers by putting more heart into your shoots. 
How can you inspire, educate or entertain your readers through your next shoot? Glad you asked!
  • Incorporate a prop, gifts or item of clothing that has meaning to you and tell a story or share advice within your style post. For example, during this shoot Lee incorporated beautiful wrapping paper she was planning to use for Christmas and where her readers could find it.
  • Think about a place in your area that has meaning to you, or somewhere that's made a big difference in your life. Share the history behind it if it's relevant to your audience.
  • Give your readers a call to action at the end of your blog post — something they can implement immediately in their lives to make it better. Challenge them to do something differently in their business or life in general. For example, I remember reading another one of Lee's posts and thinking, "Ok good, I'm not the only person who feels this way!" And then I took her advice and it made my day less stressful.



"I was accepted into rewardStyle! I could not have done it without your beautiful and professional photos on my blog.

Thank you for helping me reach my goal."

- Lee

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You have so much wisdom and inspiration to share! Don't be afraid to incorporate that into your next shoot if you aren't already!
And if you do, I'd love to hear about it. :)
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