Lauren Murphy of Murphy's Law // Session 3

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to shoot with Lauren, her BFF (who was our extraordinary hair & makeup artist for the day) and my talented husband — so we could try out a few new things we'd been thinking about. This post was originally shared in 2014. 

We met at Highland Park Village and it seemed like everywhere we went offered a new and different feel. I love when bloggers suggest locations we haven't shot in before as it allows me to capture them in new environments which help to differentiate their blog & images even more.

I'm always amazed by Lauren's outfits and her ability to create something new and different each time we shoot. (And I'm so glad she let us try something new!)

Towards the end of the shoot, my talented husband took over and was able to create this incredible image. (It still amazes me how he did this?!)Lo_600mpPinkBlue_01aPinkBlue_07aPinkBlue_02aPinkBlue_04aPinkBlue_09aPinkBlue_10aMegan_Mueller_Weaver_PinkBlue_13aMegan_Mueller_Weaver_PinkBlue_11a


Have a wonderful Monday!


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