What's In My Camera Bag?

As a teenager, I became obsessed with taking pictures. Family vacations and mission trips were the perfect opportunity for me to test my abilities behind the lens. Starting out, I remember having a couple point-and-shoot cameras which I loved and which served me well for many years. From Paris to the Virgin Islands, I was, unashamedly, the girl with the camera. Fast forward a few years and I had switched from landscapes and pictures of my food to forcing my beautiful younger sister to model for me. Thus began my love for portraits. Today, after borrowing cameras from both my parents and college, I'm happy to say I've got an arsenal of tools that I love shooting with.

If you were to open my Kelly Moore camera bag, you'd find the following items. I've inherited a lot of lenses and accessories from my husband, but I mainly travel light on portrait shoots and love it.

1. Canon EOS 5D Mark III: I've been shooting with the III for the past three years and adore it. One of my favorite things about this is the fact that it allows me to shoot in very dark places, and when coupled with the 50mm lens below, I can shoot clear until sunset and a little after.

2. Canon 50mm, 1.2 lens: This is my baby. I use this for portraits, shooting in low light without a flash, and can even use if for small groups if needed. This lens has played a great part in helping define my shooting style. It allows me to have the maximum amount of bokeh which is my favorite thing about it.

in-my-bagw3. Canon 24-70, 2.8 lens: I use this lens when I need to shoot further away than my 50mm will allow or for large groups. It's my go-to back up lens. Not as much bokeh but still very versatile for most situations.

4. Canon ES-71 II Lens Hood: This goes on my 50mm and helps prevent sun flares and protects the lens in general.

5. Extreme SanDisk 32GB & 8GB: At the very least, I'll have a 32 and 8 GB card in my bag to make sure I don't have all my eggs in one basket should something happen to one of the cards.

6. Canon LP-E6 Lithium-Ion batteries: These babies are awesome and last for hours. I always have at least one backup for portrait shoots and when I shot weddings, I'd carry about four just to be safe.