Loving. Beautiful. Genuine. Honest. Generous. Thoughtful. Creative. Humorous. Driven. Servant. Happiest when barefoot. This is my sister.

She is the most genuine soul you will meet. Although she's my younger sister, she has always been a role model that I've looked up to. She sharpens me spiritually and makes me want to be the best version of myself because of the way she lives her life.

I will always remember the three year old little Emily with huge brown eyes and short blonde hair who wanted to do whatever it was I was doing. I miss the days where she'd slowly sneak into my room just to see what I was up to. It's funny how fast the years go by and now I wish she were still across the hall from me.

Last fall Emily was diagnosed with stage 2 Lymphoma. This is something you never imagine anyone close to you being forced to go through. She reminded us that everything was in God's hands and He faithfully healed her precious body. I am so thankful to be blessed with Emily as my sister and to be able to share life with her. And on that note, now that my mascara is completely gone, here's the beautiful Em — who by the way can absolutely rock a pixie cut. ;)